Our Products: Enamels

Enamels WearAll Alkyd Enamel High-Gloss This durable, multi-purpose, alkyd metal gloss enamel is formulated to protect a variety of interior and exterior surfaces. It provides an economical finish for most surfaces in offices, institutions and … See More
Enamels WearAll Acrylic Enamel Satin This durable, easily applied acrylic enamel is designed to provide maximum performance in a satin water-based floor, wall and trim finish. It incorporates color retention, breathability, alkali, water and blister … See More
Enamels Everlife Weatherproof Aluminum Enamel FixALL Everlife Weatherproof Aluminum Enamel is the very highest quality, ready-mixed, leafing metallic aluminum paint for interior and exterior applications. It combines the protective qualities of aluminum paste, Gilsonite varnish, … See More
Enamels Everlife Waterborne Enamel Satin Everlife Waterborne Enamel Satin is especially designed for use on interior and exterior surfaces. This tough, durable latex film dries to a medium gloss finish and can be lightly walked … See More
Enamels EVERLIFE WATERBORNE ENAMEL High-Gloss This durable 100% acrylic, ceramic reinforced waterborne enamel provides a durable High Gloss  finish for many general maintenance requirements. It provides superior color retention and moisture resistance when used exterior … See More
Enamels Everlife Urethane Enamel Semi-Gloss Everlife Urethane Enamel is the finest quality, all-purpose alkyd semi gloss enamel available. This hard, durable finish flows on easily and levels to a beautiful smooth, lustrous finish while preventing … See More
Enamels Everlife Urethane Enamel High-Gloss Everlife High Gloss Urethane Enamel is a durable, rust inhibitive enamel for use on substrates requiring a beautiful gloss look and unsurpassed protection. This enamel dries quickly to a tough … See More
Enamels Everlife Fast Dry Alkyd Enamel High-Gloss Everlife Fast Dry Enamel is a single package, OEM and multi-purpose maintenance enamel designed for use either inside or outside on metal surfaces. Its quick drying properties make it ideal … See More
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