Our Solutions: Brick

Enamels Everlife Waterborne Enamel Satin Everlife Waterborne Enamel Satin is especially designed for use on interior and exterior surfaces. This tough, durable latex film dries to a medium gloss finish and can be lightly walked … See More
Enamels Everlife Waterborne Enamel High-Gloss This 100% acrylic waterborne enamel provides a fast dry, gloss finish for many general maintenance requirements. It provides superior color retention and moisture resistance when used on exterior surfaces and … See More
Floor Ultra Tred Waterborne Epoxy Satin Ultra Tred Waterborne Epoxy Satin Enamel is a highly durable, abrasion resistant, catalyzed coating. It resists hot tire pick up when applied to a properly prepared, profiled garage floor. This … See More
Floor Ultra Tred Waterborne Epoxy High-Gloss Ultra Tred Waterborne Epoxy Gloss Enamel is a highly durable, abrasion resistant, catalyzed coating. It resists hot tire pick up when applied to a properly prepared, profiled garage floor. This … See More
Floor FixALL Color Flakes FixALL Color Flakes are decorative flakes designed to hide imperfections and add color & character to Epoxy floors. FixALL Color Flakes are recommended for use with Ultra-Tred Waterborne Epoxy. See More
Light Industrial Mason-Cote 100% Acrylic Latex Block Filler Mason-Cote Block Filler is a high quality, exterior acrylic block filler formulated to fill small imperfections and pinholes in masonry block and porous concrete before top coating. This product contains … See More
Masonry Stopz Mold Resistant Waterproofer Stopz® is a mold and mildew resistant* waterproofing paint designed to waterproof bare masonry and hold back 10 psi of hydrostatic pressure. This product will work either above or below … See More
Masonry Masonry Conditioner (Clear) FixALL Waterborne Acrylic Masonry Conditioner (Clear) is a highly alkali resistant coating which dries to a clear film designed to be used under various topcoats. See More
Masonry Lacrylic Clear Sealer & Anti-Graffiti Coating This crystal clear, multi-purpose acrylic sealer provides non-yellowing protection to a large variety of surfaces. Lacrylic will seal both interior and exterior poured concrete wall and floor surfaces to prevent … See More
Masonry Clear Waterproofing Sealer Clear Waterproofing Sealer is a transparent sealer that penetrates the surface of dry, porous materials to help prevent moisture penetration and water damage. This can be used on wood, concrete, … See More
Masonry Acrylic Floor Sealer Acrylic Floor Sealer is a waterborne acrylic clear sealer designed to seal and protect porous concrete and masonry surfaces against dusting, spalling and staining. It also protects the surface against … See More
Primers Ultimate Universal Primer Primer FixALL Universal Primer F506xx is a quick drying, high performance, 100% acrylic latex, Universal primer that provides exceptional adhesion and light stain blocking properties. This application- friendly product may be … See More
Primers Stopz Mold Resistant Interior and Exterior Primer/Finish No Sheen Stopz Mold & Mildew Resistant*, All Purpose, Primer/Finish is an extremely effective 100% acrylic, water-based primer for use on most interior and exterior surfaces. It is also effective for interior … See More
Primers Grabber Bonding Primer Primer Grabber Bonding Primer is a water-based, urethane modified, acrylic primer-sealer with excellent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces that usually present difficult adhesion problems. Although it is recommended that … See More
Specialty Vogue Theatrical Paint The finest quality non-reflective bold, deep colors for theater, television and photography industries. These acrylic products are fast drying and provide a better backdrop than tinted formulations. See More