Our Products: Masonry

Athletic & Traffic Marking Paints Zone Marking Traffic Paint Latex Latex Traffic & Zone Marking Paint is a glare free paint to be used for designating all types of lanes, parking spots and zones. Excellent for exterior use or within … See More
Athletic & Traffic Marking Paints Zone Marking Traffic Paint Alkyd FixALL Alkyd Zone and Traffic Paints are designed for marking traffic lines on streets, highways, parking lots, warehouses, and shopping centers. It dries fast and can be applied both interior … See More
Fix Rite Finishes Fix-Rite Farm & Ranch Exterior Latex Paint Low Luster Fix Rite Farm & Ranch Exterior Latex Paint is a good quality, vinyl/acrylic paint with high covering power. It dries to a uniform low sheen with blister resistant qualities. It … See More
Floor Ultra Tred Waterborne Epoxy Satin Ultra Tred Waterborne Epoxy Satin Enamel is a highly durable, abrasion resistant, catalyzed coating. It resists hot tire pick up when applied to a properly prepared, profiled garage floor. This … See More
Floor Skid Grip Anti-Slip Coating Skid Grip is an outstanding, 100% acrylic-textured coating for use over asphalt, concrete or other surfaces where an extremely durable, skid resistant finish is desired. Exceeds ADA standards for anti-slip … See More
Floor FixALL Color Flakes FixALL Color Flakes are decorative flakes designed to hide imperfections and add color & character to Epoxy floors. FixALL Color Flakes are recommended for use with Ultra-Tred Waterborne Epoxy. See More
Light Industrial TileCoat 2 Part Polyamide Epoxy FixALL Tile Coat Polyamide Epoxy is a premium wear resistant coating that provides extended protection on most new surfaces or over existing epoxy finishes. It creates a durable, ceramic tile-like … See More
Light Industrial Mason-Cote 100% Acrylic Latex Block Filler Mason-Cote Block Filler is a high quality, exterior acrylic block filler formulated to fill small imperfections and pinholes in masonry block and porous concrete before top coating. This product contains … See More
Light Industrial Latex Block Filler This alkali resistant block filler is formulated to fill pores and small voids in masonry and light aggregate block. This ready-mixed Interior/Exterior vinyl acrylic block filler eliminates pin holing and … See More
Masonry Stopz Mold Resistant Waterproofer Stopz® is a mold and mildew resistant* waterproofing paint designed to waterproof bare masonry and hold back 10 psi of hydrostatic pressure. This product will work either above or below … See More
Masonry Masonry Conditioner (Clear) FixALL Waterborne Acrylic Masonry Conditioner (Clear) is a highly alkali resistant coating which dries to a clear film designed to be used under various topcoats. See More
Masonry Lacrylic Clear Sealer & Anti-Graffiti Coating This crystal clear, multi-purpose acrylic sealer provides non-yellowing protection to a large variety of surfaces. Lacrylic will seal both interior and exterior poured concrete wall and floor surfaces to prevent … See More
Masonry Exposed Concrete Sealer (Clear) Exposed Aggregate & Concrete Sealer is a ready-to-use solvent based acrylic sealer for use on aggregate, swept or pre-cast concrete and bare concrete floors. It provides excellent protection against moisture … See More
Masonry Elastomeric Coating Elastomeric Coating is a high quality exterior coating formulated to fill and bridge small imperfections and pinholes in masonry block and porous concrete. This product fill voids and prevents seepage … See More
Masonry Clear Waterproofing Sealer Clear Waterproofing Sealer is a transparent sealer that penetrates the surface of dry, porous materials to help prevent moisture penetration and water damage. This can be used on wood, concrete, … See More
Masonry Acrylic Floor Sealer Acrylic Floor Sealer is a waterborne acrylic clear sealer designed to seal and protect porous concrete and masonry surfaces against dusting, spalling and staining. It also protects the surface against … See More