Our Products: Interior and Exterior Paint

Athletic & Traffic Marking Paints Zone Marking Traffic Paint Latex Latex Traffic & Zone Marking Paint is a glare free paint to be used for designating all types of lanes, parking spots and zones. Excellent for exterior use or within … See More
Athletic & Traffic Marking Paints Zone Marking Traffic Paint Alkyd FixALL Alkyd Zone and Traffic Paints are designed for marking traffic lines on streets, highways, parking lots, warehouses, and shopping centers. It dries fast and can be applied both interior … See More
Direct-to-Metal Novus Acrylic DTM Semi-Gloss Novus® DTM 100% Acrylic Latex Semi Gloss Finish provides a truly superior self-priming coating on ferrous metal, wood, masonry, galvanized, aluminum, synthetic and other substrates exposed to general industrial and … See More
Enamels Everlife Waterborne Enamel Satin Everlife Waterborne Enamel Satin is especially designed for use on interior and exterior surfaces. This tough, durable latex film dries to a medium gloss finish and can be lightly walked … See More
Enamels EVERLIFE WATERBORNE ENAMEL High-Gloss This durable 100% acrylic, ceramic reinforced waterborne enamel provides a durable High Gloss  finish for many general maintenance requirements. It provides superior color retention and moisture resistance when used exterior … See More
Fix Rite Finishes Fix-Rite Interior/Exterior Latex Paint Flat Fix Rite Latex Flat is a multi-purpose, durable, flat coating for both interior and exterior use. FixALL Fix Rite Latex Flat may be used on wood, drywall, plaster, masonry, stucco … See More
Fix Rite Finishes Fix-Rite Interior/Exterior Latex Paint Semi-Gloss Fix Rite Latex Semi Gloss is a multi-purpose latex enamel for use on wood, drywall, plaster, masonry and metal. It is designed for both interior and exterior applications. Its high … See More
Masonry Stopz Mold Resistant Waterproofer Stopz® is a mold and mildew resistant* waterproofing paint designed to waterproof bare masonry and hold back 10 psi of hydrostatic pressure. This product will work either above or below … See More
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