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Direct-to-Metal Novus Acrylic DTM Semi-Gloss Novus® DTM 100% Acrylic Latex Semi Gloss Finish provides a truly superior self-priming coating on ferrous metal, wood, masonry, galvanized, aluminum, synthetic and other substrates exposed to general industrial and … See More
Floor Ultra Tred Waterborne Epoxy High-Gloss Ultra Tred Waterborne Epoxy Gloss Enamel is a highly durable, abrasion resistant, catalyzed coating. It resists hot tire pick up when applied to a properly prepared, profiled garage floor. This … See More
Floor FixALL Color Flakes FixALL Color Flakes are decorative flakes designed to hide imperfections and add color & character to Epoxy floors. FixALL Color Flakes are recommended for use with Ultra-Tred Waterborne Epoxy. See More
Light Industrial Tile-Cote 2 Part Polyamide Epoxy FixALL Tile-Cote Polyamide Epoxy is a premium wear resistant coating that provides extended protection on most new surfaces or over existing epoxy finishes. It creates a durable, ceramic tile-like finish … See More
Light Industrial Shop Coat Primer FixALL Shop Coat Metal Primer is designed for field or shop priming of fabricated steel exposed to light to moderate atmospheric exposures. It provides good penetration and wetting properties necessary … See More
Light Industrial Latex Block Filler This alkali resistant block filler is formulated to fill pores and small voids in masonry and light aggregate block. This ready-mixed Interior/Exterior vinyl acrylic block filler eliminates pin holing and … See More
Light Industrial Fix Rust Primer Fix Rust Metal Primer is a high quality synthetic primer for use in light to moderate atmosphere exposures. It offers good chemical and corrosion resistance, dries fast, and protects surfaces … See More
Light Industrial Dry Fall Latex Flat Flat Ready to use acrylic latex flat paint formulated for airless spray applications on interior surfaces. It may be used on wood, gypsum board, plaster, concrete, masonry block and completely primed … See More
Masonry Exposed Concrete Sealer (Clear) Exposed Aggregate & Concrete Sealer is a ready-to-use solvent based acrylic sealer for use on aggregate, swept or pre-cast concrete and bare concrete floors. It provides excellent protection against moisture … See More
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