This fast drying, low odor* primer & sealer is highly recommended for use on all new or old interior surfaces and previously painted exterior surfaces in sound condition. Its super adhesion plus its uniform holdout and easy application make 563 technically superior to most interior latex primers. It’s especially effective on porous and uneven substrates such as drywall, tape joints, plaster and plastered spots. 563 is suitable for use under oil, alkyd or latex topcoats.

AllWall & Trim Primer, Sealer & Undercoater

FixALL AllWall and Trim Primer is a quick drying interior primer-sealer and under coater for unpainted walls, trim and ceilings that may be porous or absorbent. This product is an excellent base-coat for alkyd, or latex finish coats. It’s ideal for large areas of sheet rock or wallboard where a primer and finish coat will be applied in one day.

GripCoat Bonding Primer

GripCoat Bonding Primer (previously Grabber Bonding Primer) is a water-based, urethane modified, acrylic primer-sealer with excellent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces that usually present difficult adhesion problems. Although it is recommended that a test-patch be applied before proceeding, since there is such a wide variety of surfaces, PVC, other plastics, glass, fiberglass, glossy paints, tile or glazed block, galvanized metal, aluminum, copper, lead and tin can usually be successfully primed with this product. This product is suitable for interior or exterior exposures. It must be top-coated with latex, alkyd, urethane or waterborne epoxy topcoats.

Ultimate Universal Primer

FixALL Universal Primer F506xx is a quick drying, high performance, 100% acrylic latex, Universal primer that provides exceptional adhesion and light stain blocking properties. This application- friendly product may be used on both interior and exterior surfaces to seal all types of substrates. This high hiding, easy applying primer is appropriate for a wide range of applications.

Latex Block Filler

This alkali resistant block filler is formulated to fill pores and small voids in masonry and light aggregate block. This ready-mixed Interior/Exterior vinyl acrylic block filler eliminates pin holing and produces a uniform surface texture ready for finish coating.

Fix Rust Primer

Fix Rust Metal Primer is a high quality synthetic primer for use in light to moderate atmosphere exposures. It offers good chemical and corrosion resistance, dries fast, and protects surfaces against rust and corrosion. FixALL Fix Rust Metal Primer adheres very well to steel, either inside or out, with exception of new galvanized steel. FixALL Fix Rust Metal Primer performs well under both latex and alkyd topcoats.

WearAll Acrylic Enamel

This durable, easily applied acrylic enamel is designed to provide maximum performance in a satin water-based floor, wall and trim finish. It incorporates color retention, breathability, alkali, water and blister resistance and adhesion into its acrylic formulation.

WearAll Alkyd Enamel

This durable, multi-purpose, alkyd metal gloss enamel is formulated to protect a variety of interior and exterior surfaces. It provides an economical finish for most surfaces in offices, institutions and other commercial applications, industrial metal structures and structural components. WearAll Alkyd High Gloss Enamel is suitable for frequent repeated heavy abrasion including mechanical wear and repeated frequent scrubbing with industrial solvents, cleansers or scouring agents. This all-purpose industrial enamel will withstand repeated detergent washings without injury to the paint and can be readily recoated when necessary.

Everlife Waterborne Enamel

Everlife Waterborne Enamel Satin is especially designed for use on interior and exterior surfaces. This tough, durable latex film dries to a medium gloss finish and can be lightly walked upon in about 4 hours after painting. Its excellent adhesion, toughness and resistance to alkalinity makes this an ideal all purpose floor finish. Recommended for areas where safety (ignitable fumes) and rapid dry are major considerations, and for concrete floors where dusting is a problem. Permits installation of tile and other floor covering materials directly over it.

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