Shop Coat Primer

FixALL Shop Coat Metal Primer is designed for field or shop priming of fabricated steel exposed to light to moderate atmospheric exposures. It provides good penetration and wetting properties necessary for bonding to hand and power tool cleaned surfaces. FixALL Shop Coat Metal Primer is also suitable for production line application. It may be top-coated with either water based or solvent based paints. FixALL Shop Coat Metal Primer is lead and chromate free.

Fix Rust Primer

Fix Rust Metal Primer is a high quality synthetic primer for use in light to moderate atmosphere exposures. It offers good chemical and corrosion resistance, dries fast, and protects surfaces against rust and corrosion. FixALL Fix Rust Metal Primer adheres very well to steel, either inside or out, with exception of new galvanized steel. FixALL Fix Rust Metal Primer performs well under both latex and alkyd topcoats.


This durable 100% acrylic, ceramic reinforced waterborne enamel provides a durable High Gloss  finish for many general maintenance requirements. It provides superior color retention and moisture resistance when used exterior and is rust inhibiting when applied in the proper system.

*Note F52104 Wrought Iron Black is available as a Low Luster only.

Everlife Urethane Enamel

Everlife High Gloss Urethane Enamel is a durable, rust inhibitive enamel for use on substrates requiring a beautiful gloss look and unsurpassed protection. This enamel dries quickly to a tough high gloss finish and applies easily with brush, roller or spray.

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