Stain & Odor Barrier Primer

A premium solvent-free odor primer/sealant and stain blocker designed to eliminate malodors on multiple surfaces and block tough stains. FixALL Stain and Odor Barrier is water-based and does not contain flammable solvents, like alcohol, historically present in products that kill odors and stains.

Unlike typical water-based coatings that “wick” smoke odors and stains to the surface, FixALL Stain and Odor Barrier, with its unique proprietary OdorLock Plus technology, wicks malodors into the coating, but locks odors in rather than bringing them to the surface. The cured film provides a permanent barrier to future vapor release, but will not trap moisture. This is the only multi-phase technology that reduces odor immediately on application and restricts future odor release from the sealed surface. It provides one coat odor control even with seasonal changes in temperature and humidity.

FixALL Stain and Odor Barrier is your final step to rid any property of smoke, pet and cooking odors, as well as residual stains caused by smoke, nicotine, grease and ink.

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