Exposed Concrete Sealer (Clear)

Exposed Aggregate & Concrete Sealer is a ready-to-use solvent based acrylic sealer for use on aggregate, swept or pre-cast concrete and bare concrete floors. It provides excellent protection against moisture intrusion and staining on concrete. Exposed Aggregate & Concrete Sealer seals to prevent freezing and cracking on driveways, patios, porch floors and especially exposed aggregate. It is high build and greatly outlasts conventional clear or lightly pigmented sealers. Easy to apply and dries quickly.

Stopz Mold Resistant Waterproofer

Stopz® is a mold and mildew resistant* waterproofing paint designed to waterproof bare masonry and hold back 10 psi of hydrostatic pressure. This product will work either above or below grade. Stopz is an acrylic, fast drying formula that works by penetrating the concrete and expanding deeply into the pores of the masonry to waterproof and reduce radon emissions. Stopz is easily applied with a brush and/or roller.

Clear Waterproofing Sealer

Clear Waterproofing Sealer is a transparent sealer that penetrates the surface of dry, porous materials to help prevent moisture penetration and water damage. This can be used on wood, concrete, brick, masonry, canvas, stucco and other substrates. It dries clear and allows the surface to age naturally. This product will protect against salt water. For new construction, prevent weathering and water damage by applying Clear Waterproofing Sealer immediately after installation.

Aquaborne Ceramithane

Aquaborne Ceramithane Clear Finish is an ultra premium water borne acrylic-urethane finish coating that crosslinks to form a very hard, impervious film. Crosslinking unites the molecules to form a continuous barrier that protects the surface. The high build formula achieves a luxurious, deep, rich finish with just two coats. This product is very stain resistant and passes the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association and Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers tests. Use inside on wood, primed metal and masonry (High Gloss can also be used exterior). Protects the finish of highly polished metals like brass, copper, aluminum and stainless.

Skid Grip Anti-Slip Coating

Skid Grip is an outstanding, 100% acrylic-textured coating for use over asphalt, concrete or other surfaces where an extremely durable, skid resistant finish is desired. Exceeds ADA standards for anti-slip surfaces.

Fix-Rite Interior/Exterior Latex Paint

Fix Rite Latex Semi Gloss is a multi-purpose latex enamel for use on wood, drywall, plaster, masonry and metal. It is designed for both interior and exterior applications. Its high hiding, fast drying properties make it a good selection for multi-unit new construction projects and apartment maintenance firms where a washable, dirt resistant finish is desired. It is ideal for any place where the durability of a semi-gloss enamel is needed.

Fix-Rite Farm & Ranch Exterior Latex Paint

Fix Rite Farm & Ranch Exterior Latex Paint is a good quality, vinyl/acrylic paint with high covering power. It dries to a uniform low sheen with blister resistant qualities. It is recommended for use on all surfaces where a good quality economical outside paint is desired.


This durable 100% acrylic, ceramic reinforced waterborne enamel provides a durable High Gloss  finish for many general maintenance requirements. It provides superior color retention and moisture resistance when used exterior and is rust inhibiting when applied in the proper system.

*Note F52104 Wrought Iron Black is available as a Low Luster only.

Everlife Weatherproof Aluminum Enamel

FixALL Everlife Weatherproof Aluminum Enamel is the very highest quality, ready-mixed, leafing metallic aluminum paint for interior and exterior applications. It combines the protective qualities of aluminum paste, Gilsonite varnish, and heat processed oils and resins to form an elastic but highly durable coating.

Everlife Urethane Enamel

Everlife High Gloss Urethane Enamel is a durable, rust inhibitive enamel for use on substrates requiring a beautiful gloss look and unsurpassed protection. This enamel dries quickly to a tough high gloss finish and applies easily with brush, roller or spray.

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